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Harvest2u Gift Certificate


Holiday Harvest2u Gift Certificate

Harvest 2U is proud to offer a Gift Certificate for you to give to friends or family during the holiday season. Give the gift of Healthy Organic food to your loved ones. It's fast, easy and a great way to avoid the Holiday Rush.

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Rewarding this Black Friday?

Looking to do something Rewarding this Black Friday? Boost your health, support your local farmers, and benefit your local economy and environment! Save $25 during BLACK FRIDAY! Visit www.harvest2u.com, use promo code "h2ublack25" and save $25 on your first order of Farm Fresh Harvest 2U produce, or spectacular EAT@HOME meals prepared by E.A.T. Extraordinary Artisan Table chefs. Have you seen what's on the menu for dinner this week? Pork Sirloin over Squash puree with southern bacon greens...THAT is just one of many ever changing stars you'll be happy to see in the EAT@Home weekly meal plan lineup.
Take advantage of this great deal TODAY from your Harvest2U/EAT@Home Family.
*New customers only. **Offer good through 12/31/14

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10 tips to Get the Most of your Harvest

You just got your Harvest2U vegetable box. It looks wonderful. It's all unpacked and in your fridge. NOW WHAT? We got you covered. Take a look at some simple tips to keep your veggies fresh, what to cook first and how to plan your week. It's all about keeping you healthy. Right?

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Harvest 2U Winter Souper harvest

Are you ready for winter? Still want to eat healthy? Harvest 2U has it all for you in the Winter Souper box. Vegetables just for those cold days that cook easily and keep you healthy for the winter. Check out the recipes for soups and cooking ideas at our recipes section. Our Winter souper Harvest will include something like this; Acorn Squash, Apples, Bunching Onion, Butternut Squash, Carrots, Lettuce Mix, Kale, Pomegranates . Items will change as our winter crops come and go. If you love to make soups and eat winter vegetables you will find it all here.

This new Harvest choice will be available starting now. Cost is $32 each.

So if you’re a Harvest 2U customer add this to your order, or replace your current order with this great option. If you’re NOT a Harvest 2U customer…wait…what!? Why NOT?! Get on board and feed your health!

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Map out Harvest2u delivery locations

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We've made it easy for you whether you have your Harvest delivered or pick up locally.

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EatMarketplace Best Eatery

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From Farm to Table

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Bring the farm closer to the plate with community-supported agriculture.
Saving you money is the best reason a CSA works for you.

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Want creative help packing a healthful school lunch for your kids?

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Let the food and nutrition experts at E.A.T Marketplace show you how to create great tasting, nutritious meals and snacks for your children.
In this interactive workshop, we’ll show you how to make it fun and colorful while keeping it healthy.
Learn how to prep once and have 5 different lunches for the school week.

· We’ll also give you some great tips on preventative care to keep those sniffles and sick days away.

· Your kids will get to have their own fun while you learn as they go on a tasting journey with breads, fillings, fruits and vegetables.
· The kids will get to play with shapes and textures while they design and make creative faces, creatures or works of art with their food.
· You’ll go home with a healthy lunch meal planner booklet, recipes and a back to school wellness guide.

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NEW EAT@HOME Meal Delivery Program.

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E.A.T@HOME is our new farm-to-plate meal delivery program that offers comprehensive meal & snack plans making your eating lifestyle delicious, healthy and convenient.

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CHECK OUT this Fantastic Video

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Are you content or stressed?
Are you investing in your body or spending it?
You can create a destiny that is incredible!
YOU can do it!
The answer is contained in the Power of Food!
Watch this video, join us and begin to create your own personal culture of wellness with Harvest 2U.

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