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We've made it easy for you whether you have your Harvest delivered or pick up locally.

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From Farm to Table

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Bring the farm closer to the plate with community-supported agriculture.
Saving you money is the best reason a CSA works for you.

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Want creative help packing a healthful school lunch for your kids?

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Let the food and nutrition experts at E.A.T Marketplace show you how to create great tasting, nutritious meals and snacks for your children.
In this interactive workshop, we’ll show you how to make it fun and colorful while keeping it healthy.
Learn how to prep once and have 5 different lunches for the school week.

· We’ll also give you some great tips on preventative care to keep those sniffles and sick days away.

· Your kids will get to have their own fun while you learn as they go on a tasting journey with breads, fillings, fruits and vegetables.
· The kids will get to play with shapes and textures while they design and make creative faces, creatures or works of art with their food.
· You’ll go home with a healthy lunch meal planner booklet, recipes and a back to school wellness guide.

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NEW EAT@HOME Meal Delivery Program.

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E.A.T@HOME is our new farm-to-plate meal delivery program that offers comprehensive meal & snack plans making your eating lifestyle delicious, healthy and convenient.

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Harvest 2U Summer Grab-n-Go

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It's summer and you loved the Grab-n-Go Harvest last year

Our Harvest 2U selection will include something like this; lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, another raw veg, 2 or 3 selections of fruit. Items will change as our summer crops come and go. But the idea is that all you need to do is wash, cut, store and you’re good for the week! Grab your already prepped snacks/salad from the fridge and head to the beach!

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CHECK OUT this Fantastic Video

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Are you content or stressed?
Are you investing in your body or spending it?
You can create a destiny that is incredible!
YOU can do it!
The answer is contained in the Power of Food!
Watch this video, join us and begin to create your own personal culture of wellness with Harvest 2U.

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Customer Testimonials

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Thank you! Tried the turnip chip recipe....delicious! I'd never eaten turnips before harvest 2 u :) Christy Best

God created the laws of sowing and reaping. With modern techniques, freezing and additives no wonder most people have some type of disease. Harvest 2U is what God intended. Jan Bates

I just joined Harvest2U and I am really excited. I received my first shipment just yesterday and I am just so grateful for your presence in our community.

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Harvest 2U new partners

Harvest 2U brings you Mo's Berry Patch

Four flavors of berry spread. sold and delivered to your door by Harvest 2U**.
Yummy Berry with chunks of delicious Strawberries, like Gramma’s.
Very Berry California’s own Boysenberries, grown right at home!
Rhuberry Strawberry Rhubarb; a combination of tart and sweet.
Tres Berry Delicious combo: Boysenberry+Strawberry+Raspberry.
We take great pride in picking and processing our home-grown berries, or supporting local growers in our neighborhood who have the same desire to provide quality fruit grown naturally.


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Harvest 2U brings you Wheat Grass

Wheat Grass is a living superfood which contains over 100 easily absorbed nutrients, it is packed full of vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, and over 80 enzymes. Now you can get it WITH FREE delivery to your door**.

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Harvest 2U brings you Olive Oil

Catherine Pepe, Co-Owner Temecula Olive Oil co. was a hit presenter at the latest Harvest 2U Get-2-Gether event. Learn how the company started and why they do what they do. Get your Olive Oil from a local company, sold and delivered to your door by Harvest 2U**.

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Harvest 2U brings you Organic, Fair trade Coffee

Harvest 2U is proud to partner with Roast House Coffee – a high quality, coffee roaster that embraces “Farm to Cup” practices. The beans selected for you are Ethical, Sustainable, and Delicious AND, sold and delivered to your door by Harvest 2U**.

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Expanding Delivery !!

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Good Health is Within Reach! Harvest 2U now reaches into both Escondido and Riverside/Corona to bring you fresh, locally grown organic produce! We have NEW pickup locations to add to our regular delivery areas (Lake Elsinore, Menifee, Canyon Lake, Murrieta, Temecula, Fallbrook). Go to our website, become a customer and choose your delivery location. We’ll bring goodness to you!

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