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Harvest2U Healthcare Plan and save $

Let Harvest2U provide your family’s Healthcare Plan and save $. We’ll deliver a complete “Farmacy” of locally grow organic produce to your door. From our family of local farmers to your family. And we’ll do the driving. Use promo code “farmacy” to save $10 on your first order. New customers only. Permita que Harvest2U le provea el plan de salud a su familia y ahorre $. Le entregamos un “farmacy” de productos orgánicos cultivados por las familias de agricultores locales de los campos a su puerta. ¡Y nosotros hacemos la conducción! Utilice el código promocional “farmacy" para ahorrar $10 en su primer pedido. Sólo para clientes nuevos.

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Buy Local

Where do YOU get your produce?

From Amazon? Overstock? A Foreign-Owned Grocery Chain? Or a LOCAL FARMER??

Save $10 on your first Harvest2U!

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Save $ on health.

Wellness BEGINS at Harvest2U. Are you on the road to health or disease?

Study after study confirms that our overall health and wellness MUST begin with a healthy diet of good, clean foods. Exercise is important, but not more important than nutrition.
Harvest2U delivers locally grown organic produce to your door.

Save a life – Your OWN!

Make your body a disease repellant.

Do we really have to give you money to eat healthy? OK, then - Start today. Use promo code “live” and save $10 on your first order. New customers only.

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Save $ on local organic produce

Buying local means fresher, more nutrient dense and tastier food! Picked within 24 hours of delivery. Local farms. Local delivery. Harvest2U
Don’t be fooled. Local means LOCAL! Our produce travels less than 50 miles from farm to your door.
Start today. Use promo code “localh2u”. Save $10. New customers only.

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Summertime Harvests are the BEST

Summertime Harvests are the BEST!

Eat healthy this Summer and save on organic produce delivered to your door. Get started today. Use promo code “healthysummer” and save $10.

Harvest2U will deliver locally grown blueberries, peppers, squash, lemon cucumbers, romaine lettuce and so much more.

Every delivery is picked within 24 hours of you receiving it and includes a recipe, so you’ll know exactly what to prepare.

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Want to Get and Stay Healthy This Summer?

Drink “Superman” Juice!

Save $10 on your first Harvest2U Juicer Harvest order! Order Today!

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Save time and 10 Bucks on healthy organic!! Sign Up Today.

Eat Healthy Organic !! Are you too busy to eat healthy this summer?

Harvest2U says, “Nay, nay”. We have the solution. FRESH, locally grown organic produce that you can take on the run.

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Keep a kid healthy and save $10

Kids and Summer Weight Gain Keep a kid healthy and save $10 Harvest2U can help your children stay healthy this summer! In fact, we care so much about kids’ health that we’ll give you $10 off your first order.

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FREE personal training session for 50+ and older. ($75 value) (Temecula and Murrieta only)

Become a NEW Harvest 2U customer and receive a complimentary one-hour personal training session with fitness pro Lisa Harris!

Are you 50+ years old and looking to improve your health and wellness? Eat right and exercise effectively. Harvest 2U delivers locally grown organic produce directly to your door. Lisa Harris keeps you fit.

Ms. Harris will customize a strength-training and nutrition program for you. Plus, you'll receive a free copy of her new pamphlet--10 Top Fitness Tips for the 50+ Crowd!

Lisa Harris, MS, RD, ACE-CPT is a Certified Geri-Fit® Instructor, Licensee and Award-winning Entrepreneur. Use promo code Fitfifty when ordering

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Harvest 2U is now Bigger, Badder, Better!

We are thrilled to announce that Harvest 2U has partnered with Craveyon a Lifestyle Services company! With our new association with Craveyon, we will be able to offer better customer service and additional amazing artisanal products for home delivery.
We will keep you informed as to the new and exciting things we have in store.
As always, we look forward to serving your family.
The Harvest 2U Team

Get on board and feed your health!

Get started on a new life.


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